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Natalie Gillard, MA | Founder & Facilitator 

P.O. Box 26153 | Baltimore, MD 21210 | 617.785.6018 |

As a premier provider of experiential education, the Factuality experience offers immersive

data-driven programs designed to cultivate critical thinking and deep reflection. 

     Core Competencies
  • engage diverse audiences in fact-based conversations through game play

  • utilize experiential learning techniques to foster collaborative & comfortable learning environments

  • provide a safe and structured platform that ensures ease, while exploring sensitive topics

  • evoke empathy, increase social competence, & enhance self-awareness within in minutes

  • a  2023 competitor analysis determined Factuality to be the most inclusive gamified leadership experience on the market

  • through experiential learning, we are able to present the facts in a uniquely digestible way

  • our programs have been designed to meet learners of all levels and require no pre-work to successfully participate 


FACTUALITY has engaged over 60,000 people on six continents

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