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Celebrating Eight Years of Social Impact

I always knew... that I had to identify a way to circumvent conventional DEI programming pushback, and develop a social equity experience that resonated with and appealed to diverse (and at times) divided audiences.

I never imagined... that said social equity experience, Factuality, would reach tens of thousands of people across the globe… or that my wildly unconventional approach to engaging diverse groups in difficult dialogue would garner the attention of esteemed entities like Google, Nike, Fox, Princeton, and Hulu... to name a few... or that I'd be the recipient of countless standing ovations... or the recipient of a steady flow of praise from past program participants, who gained a deeper understanding of the complexities faced by all, inviting in grace for self and empathy for others. 

For nearly a decade... Factuality has assisted communities with unlocking new dimensions of impact, fostering empathy, social competence, and self-awareness, driving lasting positive change. Its transformative power lies not only in its capacity to delicately simulate fact based inequities but in its proven capacity to reshape perspectives, within minutes, and pave the way for a socially just future. 

Cheers to eight years of Factuality's Social Impact!


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