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Transforming Dentistry with FACTUALITY

Updated: May 8

Bringing Factuality into dentistry is a game-changer, revolutionizing how dental professionals approach patient care and promote health equity.

Here's why Factuality is a must-have for dentistry:

  1. Social Awareness: Equipping dentists with social awareness skills leads to better patient communication, trust, and equitable treatment outcomes.

  2. Critical Thinking in Dentistry: Encouraging critical thinking about social factors impacting oral health empowers dentists to provide holistic and culturally informed care.

  3. Interactive Learning: Engaging dentists in real-world scenarios enhances their ability to address cultural barriers and navigate complex patient interactions.

  4. Collaborative Learning Environment: Factuality's collaborative learning environment promotes knowledge sharing and empathy-building, essential for creating inclusive healthcare settings.

  5. Advocacy for Health Equity: Factuality inspires dentists to advocate for policies that promote health equity and address disparities in oral healthcare access, leading to a more equitable dental profession.

Let's leverage Factuality to elevate the standard of care in dentistry, improve patient experiences, and create a more inclusive and equitable dental practice. Join the movement for a healthier, more equitable future in dentistry!

Special thanks to Dr. Todd Ester, Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, for the opportunity to engage the University of Michigan's third and fourth year dental students in the Factuality experience.

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